Maureen Stunt Painter


      Eugene A Go Go Float

      Eugene Celebration Parade 2013


I absolutely love rich vibrant colors, geometric patterns, curvilinear shapes, and the incredible beauty of nature itself.


I was first introduced to oil painting through private lessons when I was eleven and continued into my teens. In my mid 20s I moved to Eugene and took several more years of oil painting lessons from Nicola of Nicola’s Studio One, an incredibly gifted and talented oil painter from London, England.


I love the rich color of oil paints, and how I can create an incredible softness with brush techniques and stunning boldness with a painting knife. When I paint abstractly, I choose the colors I am drawn to in that moment. It has been only in recent years that I have given myself the freedom to paint abstractly, spontaneously, and most importantly to have a kinder and gentler inner critic and just go for it.


I give abstract oil painting lessons focusing on enjoying the moment, being creative and spontanous, and learning basic techniques.


Painting for me is a matter of trusting the process, giving myself the freedom to go on an adventure of experimentation, color, texture, and beauty. My intention is to paint with, and instill in my paintings uplifting positive energy, so that people feel that energy when they see my paintings. My hope is that they carry that good feeling energy out in the world and spread it around.


In Joy,  Maureen

Maureen Campbell

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